Air Travel Has Screeched To A Halt

Due to the high risk of airborne disease transmission in aircraft cabins, the recent COVID-19 (coronavirus) outbreak has placed commercial air travel at a standstill. We are partnering with leaders in the aerospace industry to fix that, developing an innovative retrofit for commercial airliners like the B737 and A320 to improve cabin air quality and public health safety to restore confidence in commercial air travel.

  • Cleaner Air for Passengers and Cabin Crew
  • Easy to install Retrofit Kit
  • Quick Pandemic Response and Future Epidemic Preparedness

Solution Backed by Rigorous Test Data

Fold Reduction in Pathogen Inhalation
Percent Increase in Fresh Air Inhalation
Iterations of Efficacy Studies

Patented Retrofit Solutions

Developed through years of fluid dynamics and infectious disease prevention research, our patented airflow retrofit is the solution to getting aircraft back in the air.

About Us

We're a partnership of engineers, computational fluid dynamics researchers, infections preventionists, and manufacturers actively working to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak and prevent future disease outbreaks.


Chief Executive Officer

AirShield Technologies

Raymond Wang

Raymond Wang is the Inventor and Principal Researcher behind the AirShield, an aircraft cabin airflow retrofit solution technology developed over 5 years of ongoing research, in partnership with leading aerospace manufacturers, certification consultants, and public health experts.

Currently, he is co-founder of a venture-backed San Francisco startup that leverages tech to tackle climate change. In his spare time, he writes about AI/ML, IoT, Platforms, Marketplaces, and more recently focused on Aerospace, Biotech, and Logistics.

He previously spent time as an investor at Two Sigma Ventures in New York, and began his career in product and business strategy at Microsoft and Delta Air Lines. In between, he incubated several startups, including an affective computing company and a marketplace platform.

Raymond attended Harvard University where he studied Computer Science, Neurobiology, and Economics.

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